Rembrandt Brown
(from Sliders)

     You may remember Rembrandt Brown, aka the Crying Man, from the hit telelvision show Sliders. He was the glue that held each episode together with his witty rejoinders and spectacular singing skills. I don't know why this show had such a difficult time finding it's audience, it clearly worked so well on so many levels. It's not easy to accurately depict the world of inter-dimensional transport, but this who did it with brilliance.

Here are some pictures of Rembrandt, the Crying Man, from Sliders:

     And to those of you who argue that he was only there as a token black charachter, I must once again point out his talent that must not be derided in such a base fashion. Please keep your race baiting arguments to yourself. Thank you. Oh, and if you can be bothered enough to read between the lines, and get to the source of the matter, perhaps you'll understand what's really going on.

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